Ceremony: Memorial Bench for Vivienne Barloga

25th of November, 1pm, Hillside Gardens Park, picnic area

Vivienne Barloga spent her childhood in Streatham, growing up at 156 Downton Avenue, close to our beloved park.  In the 1950’s, she immigrated to Canada, and afterwards spent the rest of her happy life in the States near Chicago.  Now her children, Mitch and Karen, have donated a bench in memory of their mother to Hillside Gardens Park, a bench that soon will arrive.  They imagine her sitting in the park as a young girl, playing with her friends and enjoying being out in nature.  And to honor this vision and to remember their mother, they have donated a bench to Hillside, the first bench ever to be donated to the park.  The bench will be located in the picnic area along the path. And Mitch is coming now from the US to see the bench with his son, Sam.  We will have a little ceremony on the 25th of November, 1pm at Hillside, and we would love to invite you to come along.  Below are some pictures of Vivienne and her family.

Vivienne Barloga

Vivienne Barloga 1990 (above)

Viv Barloga @ Granpa's Bench

Vivienne on the memorial bench for her father, Maurice, in Eastbourne (above)

Viv Rothe & Family

Vivienne with her stepmother and her father, Maurice (above)


Karen and Vivienne (above)

Mitch & Sam Barloga

Mitch and Sam, earlier this year (above). Meet them on the 25th of November, 1pm.



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