Works in the park

Contractors from Kingston Landscapers are currently working in the park to improve the soil, which was damaged following the foot-path upgrades. The works will include adding topsoil, rotavating, laying turf and sowing grass seed. This is the ground that is behind the orange fencing. The new picnic tables have been popular since their installation and access is still possible along the tarmac path.

The Friends of Hillside Garden Park also plan to sow wild meadow seed mix on the soil surrounding the new path and the areas of land close to the St Simon & St Jude entrance to the park.

It is important that the turf is not walked upon for 3-4 weeks, to enable the grass to establish. Both the turf and grass seed will require regular watering. As the Friends we have agreed to share the responsibility of watering when access to the water supply and hose pipes has been confirmed.

There are still the gates and further bins to be installed. There are concrete bases created outside of the Dog Free Area which are ready for 7 new benches.

The Friends also recently met with representatives from Lambeth Council regarding their plans to fulfil the masterplan for the park. There was resolute commitment from all present to deliver the plan, which will include upgrading the sports facilities and play equipment.

Councillor Sonia Winifred, Cabinet Member for Equalities and Culture,was present and reiterated the Council’s support for the park, and indeed all Lambeth parks.

With respect to the tennis courts and sports surfaces it has been decided that rather than rush the procurement process and begin the works immediately it is best to keep all the courts accessible and open to play until the end of the summer. The works would be staggered to ensure not all the courts are out of action at the same time.

Kevin Crook, Assistant Director for Neighbourhoods, proposed that a steering group be created and that this would be particularly beneficial when consulting for the design of the Children’s playground. He was reminded that there had been one in place for the consultation in 2019. It was agreed that this should be re-instated with other stakeholders included. Robert Kelly, the project manager for the park, will follow up with a date for a meeting.

Please feel free to email us if you have any query about the plans.

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