June Hyde – a Tribute

Our much-loved member, June Hyde, died last Sunday, November Eight. She had been in failing health for a number of years, but she died peacefully in her sleep.  She was 84.

June had been a trustee of the Friends of Hillside from 2012 until 2019, when she retired from that role. Her great interest was in promoting tennis in the park, which she continued to do over the last 20 years. She organised the Saturday morning tennis group, and she continued to play herself as recently as this summer. She was also on the organising group for our first sports day, in 2015. Treasure hunts for small children were her speciality! She was a retired primary school teacher.

But June will be remembered most as a very good friend by a great many people. So many people were welcomed into her house.  One of our members spoke so warmly of the friendship she offered to her then two little children, at a time when the family really needed support.

June also had a lifelong interest in art.  Botanical art was her speciality.  As I write I look at beautiful painting of a rose which she donated to the Friends for a fund-raising auction.

Picture by June Hyde

June, like all us mortals had her difficult side.  She was a woman of, let’s say, strong opinions. But after telling one off she forgot about it the next day – as I full well know… She also had great sense of humour. When I was tennis group co-ordinator we used to run one-day doubles competitions – for the Co-op Fairtrade Dark Chocolate Cup, made from the silver wrapping paper around the chocolate bar!  One year June and her partner William were the winners.  But I presented her with the cup, with the usual Hillside pomp, she handed it back: “I want it engraved…’

June Hyde at the beginning of her tennis career

We’ll miss her.  But not as much as her son Ben and her grandchildren, Billie, Tyler and Zoe.

Will the likes of June ever pass this way again?


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