Hillside Sports Day (18th of May): Better than Ever

Each year the Friends of Hillside Gardens Park (i.e., we) are organising a day of free fun and activities for the whole family: The Hillside Sports Day. And each year, it is growing and getting better and better. The aim of the day is not only to provide the people around Hillside Gardens Park with a day full of free, organised sports activities, but also to bring the community together. Come along even if you do not like sports at all, there is something for everyone. Let me point out some of the highlights below, but if you are impatient, click here to book a session.  Booking is not needed, but some sessions are so popular, that booking them might be a good idea. Here are all the events, below more information.


Turn Trash to Treats: On the day before the sports day (Friday, 17th of May, 18:00), we will make the cleaning of the park in preparation for the big day a bit more fun. Come along, collect some trash (bags and gloves provided), and get cake, brownies and more in return. Fun for the whole family.

Tennis: As usual, we have a lot of great tennis opportunities for the very young (Toddlers, 9.30) to adults (taster session: 11:00), to everyone in between (Minis 10:00, Juniors, 11:00). Not matter whether you are good or bad, you will enjoy this tennis session led by our dream team of instructors, Rosena and Dino (book here ).

Theatre: For the first time , we will have an arts and drama workshop for children 5 years and younger. Let by the inspiring and experienced Mhairi Grealis from Clip Theatre. Bring your future Oscar winner at 10:00 to the One O’Clock Club and watch the magic enfold. Click here for more information. 

Social Tea: Our chair, Tom, organised this amazing event. His goal is to bring the people in the park together, to have a moment to chat and get to know each other, whether you like sport or not. So he convinced Emma’s, a local real estate agent for many years (here) to provide free tea, coffee, and cake. We are all hoping very much to meet you there.

There is so much more, Yoga and Netball will be popular as every year. And I might try to play some rugby for the first time in my life. And for most of us, the highlight of the day is seeing the kids run in the races at the end of the day.

We hope to see you there, have a chat, and get to know you.

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