Megabowl money update

Dear Friends,

Over the last few months we have been discussing with the council what we feel the priorities are for the park.

Lambeth have identified a large sum of money from local developer contributions (106 money) which (subject to final approvals) has been allocated to the park.

To guide how this money is spent a management plan has been developed and you can download a copy here…

2017.12.03 LL Annual Management Plan – Hillside Gardens Park 2017-18

How we got to here…

  • late in 2016 we discussed priorities for the park at our meeting – many of which have been included in the plan – e.g. signage, improving sports pitches
  • in spring 2017 several members of the committee did a walk around with Iain Boulton from Lambeth to look at specific areas
  • the management plan was drafted and a version was distributed at the last meeting
  • friends members have been invited by email to input into the process
  • a meeting was held with the local councilors and the head of the parks department, the friends chair, a representative from the one o’clock club, a representative of the tennis club.

What happens next…

  • please download the management plan and have a look at whats in there!
  • please come to our meeting on Wednesday 6th Dec – 7:30pm@ st simon st jude church hall
  • we will let Lambeth know that we are happy with the management plan
  • the 106 money will be formally allocated
  • some work will be carried out as soon as possible
  • bigger work such as refurbishing the tennis courts and upgrading toilets and other buildings will be looked out once Lambeth have appointed a project manger. The project manager will work with the Friends and other stakeholders like the tennis club and the one o’clock club one the details of the bigger work programs.

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