Minutes: Friends of Hillside Gardens Meeting (20th June 22)

Please below the minutes from our last meeting that happened outdoors in the park.

Friends of Hillside Gardens


20th June 22

1Welcome and Apologies   Tom welcomed everyone to the meeting, which was held outdoors in the park (see below for attendees).  
2Improvement Works   Tom outlined contractual arrangements and reported that works has started on the sports surfaces and that Rob Kelly is predicting a completion date of the week of 18th July. Jerry volunteered to look into getting a water fountain via the Mayor of London scheme.   Our funding application for the Playpark has been applied for a grant of £40,000 to the Changing Lives fund. it is awaiting Cabinet decision; we are promised a positive outcome.  
3Treasurer and Banking   The bank account has been moved to Metro Bank and is nearly up-and-running. Tom, Evan, William have provided their ID details and Christina is about to. We have a cheque for £5,099.02 from HSBC when the account was closed. This will be paid into the Metro bank account when opening in the account is finalised.    
4Allotment   There may be one spare plot. The contractors have been leaving the gate open and will be asked not to.  
5Palace Road Nature Gardens   Rye grass and overgrown area are being tackled by Gerry and volunteers. Volunteers are needed for the orchard also. The verge outside the NG has now been designated as a wildflower meadow and is already thriving.  
6Lambeth Parks Forum   Tom reported that the following has been discussed:   Control of dogsDeclaration of Perpetuity- Fields in TrustBig City Butterflies talk; 4 year lottery funded project- created wild flower strips on Clapham Common. Similar work being undertaken in Brockwell park to give wild flower strips along paths as visitors enter the park.Lighting (post Sarah Everard): we have electric cables in place but not lights. They have installed lights at Clapham Common, another 14 sites identified.  
7Dogs   The redesign of the park has increased the size of the area where dogs can be. Two members expressed the view that it would be good for dog owners to have access to the dog-free area early morning. This view was opposed by other members on the ground of public health (dog mess) and Tom expressed the view that the condition of the grass inside the dog-free area has improved as a result of the exclusion. Concern was also expressed by dog-owners that dogs may run across paths and into children, old-people etc. The idea of more hedging to prevent this received support. These matters will be kept under review.  
8Sports Day   Sports Day is Saturday 10th September. There will be a planning meeting at Tony’s house on Monday 18th July for anyone who would like to get involved.  
9DONM 19.9.22 venue to be confirmed


Tom Stanbury – Co-chair

Nigel Duckers – Minutes Secretary                                                                              

Evan Lervill

Tony Emerson

Lizzie Kennedy

Rosena Skeete

Dominic Lamb

William Palau

Richard Davis

Trudy Ward

John Hope

Gerry McAteer

Dino Skeete

Danni Lamb


Stephanie Charalambous – Co-chair

Andreas Kappes    Comms Secretary

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